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Sunday,20 April 2014

KEY : What the asterisks mean : -
* you need to relax, so avoid stress and pressure
** life is what you make of it this week, so take action
*** there are opportunities around every corner, and you have some
choices to make

Private Life : **

You are good at disguising your fears and insecurities. You are so good
at it that others do not always realize how you must feel and think you
are imperturbable. Show a few cracks in your armor and others will
become more tender.

Practical Life : **

There are times when workload needs to be shared and this is one of
them. Even if you feel capable of dealing with it all, new developments
will mean that delegating becomes essential.

Today's Lucky Number : 22

Your Lucky Color Today: red

Sign to spend time with today : Capricorn

High Energy Point of the Day : 2 p.m.

See you again tomorrow 

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