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Thursday,24 April 2014

KEY : What the asterisks mean : -
* although energy is low, you can still make progress
** the stars boost your plans, and you should go all out for what you
*** surprises are in store, and you can expect some good news

Private Life : **

There is no shortage of opportunities for you to expand your leisure
activities and learn new skills. The only limitation will be those
placed by yourself. If you get out there and make an effort, seizing
opportunities as they come along, you can really make progress.

Practical Life : ***

Discussions will be lively when you come up against some stiff
opposition to one of your demands. You have to weight the pros and cons
of making a compromise. If you really want to obtain this advancement,
then it could be worth striking a deal.

Today's Lucky Number : 19

Your Lucky Color Today: yellow

Sign to spend time with today : Pisces

High Energy Point of the Day : 12 pm

See you again tomorrow 

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