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Monday,21 April 2014

KEY : What the asterisks mean : -
* you need to relax, so avoid stress and pressure
** life is what you make of it this week, so take action
*** there are opportunities around every corner, and you have some
choices to make

Private Life : *

Things get off to a slow start and you are wondering whether you got out
of bed on the wrong side today. Well, the good news is that the planets
are about to turn around and send you a good and rewarding day.

Practical Life : ***

Your career plans run into a temporary obstacle which gives you time to
think about where you are going and how much responsibility you really
want to take on.

Today's Lucky Number : 44

Your Lucky Color Today: goldenrod

Sign to spend time with today : Aquarius

High Energy Point of the Day : 9 p.m.

See you again tomorrow 

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