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Friday,18 April 2014

KEY : What the asterisks mean : -
* you need to relax, so avoid stress and pressure
** life is what you make of it this week, so take action
*** there are opportunities around every corner, and you have some
choices to make

Private Life : **

If you sit back and just watch a close relationship deteriorate, you are
sure to be disappointed. Now is the time to intervene and change things
before it's too late

Practical Life : ***

Your professional affairs should take a turn for the better today, as
increased activity in your sign implies greater financial earnings and
new opportunities. A working relationship could be improved by making a
few compromises.

Today's Lucky Number : 9

Your Lucky Color Today: red

Sign to spend time with today : Scorpio

High Energy Point of the Day : 2 pm

See you again tomorrow 

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